Hello everyone, it’s been a while since we connected here.
I’ve been traveling and figuring some new content for the blog. Currently, I am covering more of the lifestyle brands I use everyday.

Coming to today’s post: We’re talking about Calvin Klein Jewelry & Watches.
I’ve teamed up with Calvin Klein to show you some of their men jewelry pieces & watches. Personally, I do love adding a piece of accessory to my outfit.. may that be a formal suit or a casual look.

For the formal look, I prefer Calvin Klein’s Posh timepiece, it is inspired by the refinement of a traditional vintage watch. The watch features a rounded square case and a simple dial with a smooth black strap which not only completes but also compliments my look.

For a casual look, I prefer a metal strapped watch. I have paired my Calvin Klein denims with the Calvin Klein City timepiece. It is a timeless design and is well-suited for casual day out.

Here are the pieces I picked from the collection, which you can get here:

Check it all out, more on my Instagram page!

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