GENES is about Color, energy & youth. Each of its piece is created with movement & style at its heart. 
A rich rustic palette of Teal, Mustard, bold Reds is offset seamlessly with classic neutral tones of cream, charcoal & khaki. Intricate prints of stirrups, bridles and the horse silhouette are playfully placed on the shirts, inner linings of the jackets and scarf accessories. Detailed contrasting seams are boldly and very effectively placed on some of the day dresses,  jackets and shirts for women and men. 

This eclectic array of outer wear and separates for men and women is a true statement of “comfortable street chic” – something I opted for in my looks below. Layering with ease gives us the option to embrace the GENES world with retaining our individuality.

Their campaign echoes the cinematic feel of the late French film director Claude Chabrol – striking a fine balance of space, distance and closeness. Creating a determined confidence,  the model protagonists in these GENES images exude a self-assured independent spirit which is a key element throughout the Genes collection.

Coming to my looks – I shot these easy going, comfortable & easy street wear beautiful pieces with Mohit. Some Levitation, some movements, some classics.. all that describe GENES. 

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