Hello all!

I think I’m still recovering from the World Cup Fever! Such brilliant games, such brilliant teams, but the best wins it all. The French. What a smashing Final’s that was. I was most definitely rooting for France, but the underdogs won all our hearts! Major major respect to them.

As we all know, Celio* is a French brand, headquartered in Saint-Ouen, France. We’re definitely celebrating this win. I stumbled upon many images showing what the vibe in Paris was during the final game & post the win & HOW I WISH I was there to witness it all! So today in this blogpost, I’m celebrating¬†the French, with the French. Wearing all from Celio*¬†

p.s – If I’d be at the stadium watching the final’s, this is what you’d see me wearing, just like a Wavin’ Flag. Easy. Casual. Chic. Celio*

Au revoir,


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