Turning things up a little, I’m doing a grooming post after a really long time. I’m going to be speaking about the new Himalaya Men Face & Beard Wash. 
Sporting a beard needs special care. As facial hair grows, skin can get itchy and uncomfortable. I know I don’t quite grow a heavy or thick beard but even a slight growth can be itchy at times.
Your beard and the skin underneath require extra attention and care. The Himalaya Men Face and Beard Wash is designed specifically to care for & soften your facial skin and hair. Gentle on the skin and effective enough to work on a rough, coarse beard.
Some of the ingredients include :
• Aloe Vera conditions stubble and soothes irritation
• Coconut Water deep cleanses and gives clear, fresh skin.
Now that you have access to this product, I definitely recommend you treat yo’ self! This works as a beard softener as well as a face wash.

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