Hello you all!

Changing things up a little today, I’m talking about this slimmest ceramic watch launched by Titan.

Having a hand accessory is a must for me at all times, may that be usual junk on my hand or a watch. I love accessorizing my outfits with something sleek and minimal.

Moving to my watch for today’s post : Titan is launching the world’s slimmest ceramic watch, the Titan Edge. I’m sporting an all black with rose gold detailing in this look.

I’ve paired it with a semi formal knit blazer keeping rest of the outfit formal. The weather doesn’t allow me to layer as much so I play with fabrics, for e.g. I’ve replaced my wool blend blazers with knits [they also fit like a glove taking the shape of your body] this summer.
Being more on the skinny side and having a smaller body frame I usually opt for slim accessories/ wrist wear.

Shop this piece here :


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