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I was recently a part of the Set Wet #SadaSexyRaho experience with Hakim Aalim himself..
Let’s start with the 3 hairstyles he spoke about, moving on to how I styled myself :
1) The Wanderer style
2) The Aviator style
3) The Spunkster style
Talking about:
 1) The Wanderer style (The one I styled there)
Cool yet simple, it’s more a laid-back style for a casual day out (mostly how I get out)
Here’s a little DIY about how it’s done:
2) The Aviator Style
This ones more of a Slickback classy style for your work meetings & night outs.. Works perfectly with a well fitted suit or more of a formal attire.
Here’s a DIY on how it’s done:
3) The Spunkster Style
Here’s something everyone would relate to, perfect for a night out / casual dinner without being too flashy.
Here’s a little DIY :
img_0187img_0160 img_0159
One thing I love about all three styles is that no matter what your hair length is, you can style each one of these with such ease.
I went in to style the wanderer look for myself at the salon along with the help of Aalim Hakim.
 image image image
Always having a mind block about gels giving a wet look to my hair, this ones def broken that for me. Works well on dry, semi dry & wet hair depending on the style/ finish on the hair (wet or Matte)
I’ve always liked my hair matte, these gels  allow me to stick to that with a strong hold.
Take part in the Set Wet #SadaSexyRaho contest & show me your favorite style by tagging me & Set Wet using the hashtag! Get going..!!
Good luck & love,

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