Hi all!

Today I’m talking about Davidoff’s new fragrance : Horizon.

Earlier this year, DAVIDOFF launched a new fragrance, HORIZON , which symbolizes the connection between earth and air and draws inspiration from the forces of nature. Horizon represents freedom, adventure and exploration.

Inspired by the strength of nature, DAVIDOFF Horizon captures the tension between earth and sky. A woody aromatic scent revealing a never ending refreshing blow, grounded in a powerful masculinity.

Here’s to my new cologne which we shot alongside a calm beach, hope you guys like it!

The cologne is a mix of spicy & refreshing notes, which works well for the day as well as night. Big ups to Davidoff for yet another classic cologne #ReachYourHorizon

Shot by Mohit Varu


img_9225 img_9263 img_9224 img_9222 img_9227 img_9223 img_9326 img_9226



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