In this hurried & chaotic city- Mumbai. Swamped with work, we often miss out on the little things in life. Today I’m talking about 2 such ideas I think are refreshing the city. Look at how things are changing- One step at a time! 


Raddi Connect:-  

Raddi Connect provides a free recyclable scrap pickup service. Users can schedule a pickup on the website ( or over the phone.
Their Raddi Representatives use electronic weighing scales and are verified by them. 

Helping the city by dedicatedly putting efforts to reduce the load on the land fills by efficiently recycling dry waste which would otherwise reach the landfills. 
They provide an avenue for the Raddiwalas to increase their Business by increasing their Business (clients), repeated customers via our subscription model and a respectful non haggling transaction as there is transparency in rates. Through technologically driven solutions they provide an avenue. 


Equal Streets:- 

As an immediate objective, they aim to organise a weekly program every Sunday morning, where a section of select roads are made “car-free”, that is, they are closed off to motorised transport and open only to all forms of non-motorised transport such as walking, cycling, skateboarding, yoga, BBoying, art etc 

Some people use this to express their creativity. While some, to unwind. 

Equal streets- helping us refresh the city one step at a time.

One can rightly say- “we’re on the right track now” 

Come, Refresh the city. 

You can also be a part of the Lee #RefreshTheCity campaign by submitting your own awesome ideas on how to refresh the city. Send in your pictures or videos along with the idea here:

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