Hi guys! Hope everyone’s having a great day! 
It’s been a while since I did my grooming post. It’s almost summer, well you could say it already is. The first thing I do to stay cool from the scorching heat gotta be a haircut. 

This time with ‘BBlunt’ I picked the (Longer) Slickback from the GQ Hair Trend Report. Having to keep yourself groomed in every way possible in the middle of all the work & chaos isn’t a biggie. 

For hair care I use the L’Oreal Sensi Balance & at times L’Oreal Liss Unlimited. 

For my hair styling, I use the the ‘L’Oreal Deviation paste force 4’ or ‘Schwarzkopf Mess up’. I do blow dry once Ina while when I’m heading for a night out. 

My hair tends to get very dry in the summers due to its volume, and hence I had to go slightly shorter than my usual length. 
You must have noticed, I don’t usually experiment with my haircuts, reason being I’m not very big built & hence short hair only makes me look slimmer. 

Cheers & big ups to BBlunt for my summer hairdo! 




One thought on “Hair Grooming with BBlunt & GQ India”

  1. Hey, can you do a hairstyle tutorial? I am going for the same hairstyle but never came across a proper tutorial. BTW Great style

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