YEAH FOOTBALL DUDE!! I’m just kidding, I’m not really into football at all. I just like to have an excuse to creatively dress up!! I got this customised Nike Barcelona Jersey from my friends at Jersey Town. If you’re a fan of a team or a player in specific (or yourself) just head to their website & they’ll have it customised for you. I’m wearing a Barcelona 2015 jersey with ripped black denims and white plimsolls along with my backpack. 
You can get yours at: Or check out 





Jersey- Nike Barcelona 2015 customised by ‘Jersey Town’
Ripped denims- Topman
Plimsolls- Zara 
Clubmasters- Ray Ban 
Backpack- Superdry 
Fuel band(Wristwear)- Nike 
-Mr. Dapper

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