Hello all of you! So this blog post features this super cool brand- Vox Pop: THE HOME OF THE FREENECKS. Now, they’ve got all your superheroes covered in their collection of tshirts/ hoodies, etc.. I chose my favourite two and put them together sometime back for a shoot with my photographer friend Beej Lakhani. When I put these looks together I knew I wanted a grungy & a cool blue backdrop. Look at how amazingly he has captured both!! 

Check out their collection on www.voxpopclothing.com 

I love how they’re always bringing in new & fun prints for us!! 

Tee shirts- Both from Vox Pop (www.voxpopclothing.com)

Wristwear- Tommy Hilfiger

Shot by Beej Lakhani 

– Mr. Dapper 

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