Hey guys, I thought today we could change it up and take a look into personal care and grooming. Let’s keep it simple and to the point.


1) ‘Bulldog’ facewash: Gentle and non-drying, it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and free of dirt and debris. (Get it on www.msmbox.com)   

 2) ‘Original Source’ Daily scrub: Packed with natural scrubs and amazing natural fragrance to deep clean & leave my skin feeling smooth. (Get it on www.msmbox.com)  

 3) Kiehl’s Facial fuel: This moisturizer wakens and uplifts dull, fatigued skin. I use this after a shower to keep my skin feeling fresh all day.    

 4) Kiehl’s UV protect lotion: I use this whenever I know I’m going to be all over the city in the middle of the heat & pollution. Protects my skin from tanning. 


1) 212 Sexy Body wash: The Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Shower Gel are sure to revitalise your skin and leave you with an alluring scent. I use this about twice a week, otherwise I stick to using Dove’s men shower gel (extra fresh)

2) Tresemmé: I’m currently using this Tresemmé shampoo for my hair. It’s definitely an affordable option but if you’re willing to shell out more, you could go in for any product from Schwarzkopf. They’re rad! 

1) L’ORÉAL Techni Art Deviation Paste (force 4): I can’t do without a hair product. I need something mild but yet a product that holds my hair firm! I blow dry my hair (yes, I do) using this & a simple comb.  

2) Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Dust it: I ONLY use this for styling, It holds my hair up extremely well for hours, making my hair a wee bit hard. 



Acqua Di Gio Armani (Classic): I don’t think I need to explain why I use this. For the ones who haven’t yet, get one!! It’s the perfect cologne for the day as well as the night. 

Got something to recommend? I love trying new products! comment below
-Mr. Dapper 

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