Every season there are numerous trends that take over. However some trends aren’t for everyone. If you are one of those people who gravitate towards a more muted colour palette, then maybe this latest trend is perfect for you.
Monochromatic Black and White, especially in these past few fashion weeks is more than just an enduring, season-in, season-out trend; it’s also a palate cleanser of the highest order.
The Monochrome look is also one of the few real trends in men’s fashion. Long after colored garments from the past two seasons have faded into fashion’s oblivion, you will still be able to wear monochrome classics that stand the test of time.
IMG_7174 IMG_7209 IMG_7217 IMG_7152IMG_7170
Black & Grey Sweater- Forever 21 men
White skinnies- Levis
Black Brogue Boots- Forever 21 men

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