It’s time to start layering up. The jacket trend for men is more varied than ever.
It’s now well established among menswear circles that the denim jacket is not only a bona fide wardrobe staple but also seasonally versatile.
The ruggedness of the piece instantly brings about an air of masculinity, making it relatively easy to incorporate into your wardrobe whatever your particular taste may be.
I’ve layered the denim jacket with a basic tee and a sleeveless hoodie so it can easily combat the cold and also look effortlessly stylish.
 IMG_6641 IMG_6674 IMG_6616 IMG_6696 IMG_6620
The denim jacket seems to further cement its place within the modern man’s wardrobe with every passing season.
 Blue Denim Jacket 
Sleeveless Grey hoodie- Zara
Black Skinnies
Grey and blue checkered lace ups
Casio Watch
Ray ban Aviators

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