Denim on Denim have been one of the leading trends this season. The best part is that the options are nearly endless when creating an all-denim outfit. One of the most important things to know about wearing denim head-to-toe is that your shades don’t have to match. In fact, I think it keeps the look more interesting when lighter denim is paired up with a darker color or vice versa. Go all out by styling this look with denim footwear.
Style Advice – All over Denim? Give it a go!
On a casual Sunday, I’m in :
IMG_9122 IMG_9141IMG_9179 IMG_9167IMG_9188 IMG_9200
Denim Shirt- Primark
Ripped Black Skinnies- Wrangler
Denim High tops- Converse
Rope hand accessories

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