The 1960’s throwback world pattern Tie-dye is definitely making a comeback. It was a big hit on the runways in London and Paris fashion week.

Style this trend with more subtle or other patterned pieces. This season, riding on the back of the 90’s grunge resurgence, acid wash denim’s is making a major come back.
Pairing the two together, this look is certainly not for the faint of heart, and should be reserved for those who like to be adventurous with their fashion sense.

IMG_3143.CR2 IMG_3153.CR2 IMG_3169.CR2 IMG_3172.CR2 IMG_3190.CR2IMG_3193.CR2
Tie-dye half sleeve shirt – TDL
Acid wash denims – River Island
White Vans
Wayfarers – Ray bans
Leather hand accessories

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  1. You HAVE to do a post on swimwear! so many guys wear such tacky boxers and tshirts to swim. they need to know that better swimwear is there which does not include boxers and tshirt or vests

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